I have just received some Prov

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CCPaysalot, Jan 31, 2001.

  1. CCPaysalot

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    I have really enjoyed your posts. I am trying to rebulid my credit so I can buy a house with a decent interest rate.

    I have just applied and received an Aria Persona card and a Providian Gold card. I paid something like 150.00 in fees per card. I was actually happy that I received a Credit Card since I have two charge offs in the last 7 years posted on my credit reports. I have tried to be approved for such cards as Future card and Capitol One but I just am told to open a secured account.

    I just received an offer from Credit Link of Global Corp for a "Gold Merchant Credit Card" with the Visa and Mastercard logos on the offer. I am confused about what this is. Can anyone offer an explanation or has anyone heard of this?

    Thank You
  2. jamie

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    RE: I have just received some

    I've never heard of it. A search turned up nothing. Make sure your fine print doesn't say its for catalog purchases with thier company. If so, trash it.

    As for the Persona, I personally think you could have gotten a better deal with Cap 1, they atleast they give you a 25 day grace period and annual fee is alot lower. They don't report the account as secured. and they report to the big 3. They are probably the best for building credit. They are stingy with increases, but if you are never late and never OTL you can get an increase every 6 months.

    The Providian Gold isn't a bad deal either. Although 150 bucks is alot to pay for credit.
    You can cancel that Persona if you don't really need it and they will return your fees if you paid up front. or remove the charges from your card. Just make sure you get confirmation that they will return your money and report the account as "closed at consumers request" 0 balance. Good Luck
  3. sam

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    try cap 1 secured.

    Wait about 1 month or 2 and try the cap 1 secured card.

    I got $99 deposit for $500 limit.

    You paid more for the aria card, and don't get the cash back after a year :)
  4. CCPaysalot

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    RE: I have just received some

    Thank you for your quick response. The offer doesn't say anything about "catalog purchases". It says "Through Credit Link and Certain Major Banks offering Visa and Mastercard, you have been selected to receive a GUARANTEED Minimum of 5000 in unsecured credit. You have been pre-approved by our own credit dept and you will receive an additional source for Unlimited Secured and Non-Secured Credit." I feel like I should be reading in between some lines. It just feels funny, but I can't put my finger on it.

  5. mt

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    RE: I have just received some

    Skip it. If they cannot tell you who the banks are, then it is not worth your risk.
  6. sam

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    RE: I have just received some

    yah if the bank is not listed, then they are not a bank, and hence its another "GOLD CARD" offer :)

    burn it!
  7. CCPaysalot

    CCPaysalot Guest

    RE: I have just received some

    Thank you Sam:) I am sure that there are alot of companies like to prey on people that are trying to re-bulid their credit.

    Thanks to everyone that responded!
  8. Pizzaman

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    RE: I have just received some


    This is not a 'Gold Card' offer, it is probably much worse. I received telephone solicitations for this deal from 2 different 'companies' about a month ago. After some checking, I found that at least one of them (probably both) was a "take-your-money-and-run" RIPOFF!

    P.S. These 'offers' both asked for a $200 "membership fee" up front for the deal.

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