i have poor credit...need advi

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Apex, Dec 14, 2000.

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    Good evening, im 19 years old...Have a couple deliquent accounts and one collection. No companies seem to be willing to give me any line of credit and I have a lot of inquiries...Are there any banks out there willing to approve me or is my best bet a secured card...im rather desperate and depressed about the situation, any help? thankyou in advance
  2. sam

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    RE: i have poor credit...need

    If aria.com won't give you an unsecured, its pretty safe to bet, that the others won't either. Check out a low cost secured card :)

    cap1 is my favourite secured card.
  3. sam

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    RE: i have poor credit...need

    If you haven't tried the easiest to get Non-secured card, aria.com , then go try
    www.capitalone.com secured card.

    Aria, with bad credit, expect $49 app fee, and $89 yearly fee or something outrageous for $250 limit.

    Cap1 give most people will get $99 deposit upfront for $500 limit.

    Theres other secured cards if you read on, but i had best luck so far with capitalone.
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    RE: i have poor credit...need

    Seven years is a long time to live with bad credit. First, make arrangements to pay your delinquent accounts on the condition that they are either removed completely from your credit report or are given a positive rating. Negiotiate to pay your collection account if the creditor agrees to remove it.

    Rather than apply for new credit, focus on fixing the credit you have. If you are able to clear your report up, you will have an easier time obtaining decent credit. I wish someone had told me this when I was 19.
  5. S.D.

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    RE: I agree

    Carrot's right. Don't make the mistake I did. I just kept applying all over the place and denial letters flooded my mailbox. I finally got enough sense to check out my credit report(which was free since I was denied all the time)and found this stupid charge off. I didn't even know it was there! I've never had credit in my life so you can imagine how I must have felt. Anyway... do your best to clean up what you can on your report. Then start applying. That way,
    1) you'll have a better chance at getting better offers
    2) you won't add unnecissary inquires to your report. These don't seem like a big deal, but believe me, this is one reason for me being turned down all the time.
    Good luck. Hope this helps... =0)
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    RE: i have poor credit...need

    The wrong word you used is "desperate"Desperation gets you alot of inquiries and makes you look worse at the end.I agree in clearing up your couple of deliquencies.Your only 19..so its early for you to fix things now.Just think of it this way...if you want a house by the time your in your mid 20's...fix your credit now.You may so no..but I"m now 26 and cant get a house because I messed up my credit at 21.Your best bet for secured cards are cap1.Good luck


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