I just don't get it!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Carrie, May 13, 2001.

  1. Carrie

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    Ya know, I thought I had good credit until I started reading these posts about a month ago. It all started with hospital bills that I didn't owe and am being billed and threatened with. Anyway after reading all about fico scores and 3 credit reports I decided to get mine. What I thought was good credit is actually terrible credit. I don't understand! I always pay my bills on time and have never over extended in debt. I have 6 possitives and 4 negs (all REALLY should not be negs). This is on experion which is my worst report. The other 2 have 6-8 possitive and 3-4 negs. I have 4-6 inquires. You know what my score is??? A lousy 626. My e-loan is even worse. It is 606. I just don't understand!!! I have read where people have had bk's and their score is better then mine. Some people have several lates and their score is better then mine. I just don't get it! I have disputed all 4 negs on all three reports but havn't heard anything. I guess it doesn't matter what my score is but gosh, I hate it to be so pitiful when I really and truely pay my bills on time every month and have for years!!!
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    The whole system sucks big time
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    I'll second that one!

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