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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by confused, Jan 12, 2001.

  1. confused

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    Okay, people, I'll give you an update. My significant and I applied for auto financing. I knew he wouldn't qualify but since I felt confident with 16 current accounts and that stinking negative account in the value of a dollar, I felt everything would go well. Oh, forgot the judgment, satisfied though it is, that will drop off this year. So, anyhew, I applied through eloan for auto financing. I was prroved for 22k with an apr of 19 percent. Isn't that ridiculous? The monthly payment would be close to $600 minus insurance. I also went to my credit union to obtain one of their classic visa cards. The only reason they finally approved me is because I have banked with them for eighteen years and I am noew in the 50k income bracket. I received a huge limit of three hundred dollars. I am sick to death of these subprime cards with high interest rates and I don't know if I'll ever be qualified for a limit over 1k. It is driving me nuts because I have gone the extra mile to make sure that I pay more than the monthly payment, make sure it is on time, do my damndest not to go over limit, and I pay directly from online banking to avoid bounced checks. T^hat freakin dollar collection won't come off until 2007. Does anyone in the credit business know if I continue to make huge payments to these blood suckers without skipping payments, will they look at that instead of the dollar looming over my head? The collection agent won't remove it and even if I pay the damn dollar, which in my humble opinion, they can shove you know where, it'll just go as a paid collection anyway. (whew!) Is there help in sight for somebody like me? My pc quit on me and I had to go with gateway and take the 28 apr on a pc that I barely even wanted because of my desperation. I don't know anywhere where you can purchase a decent pc on a credit card valued at a whopping $600.
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    I stopped reading your post.

    I stopped reading your post early. Why in the world did you apply to eloan. No one on this board has recommended them. If you did a search of the threads, I am sure you would find that eloan has not gotton a good reputation. They dont get you a good deal. However, several other suggestions have been made. Did you try those. Oh well, I will continue reading your post. Geez!

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    RE: I Know I Complain All The

    I just dont see how a $1 charge off unpaid and a old out dated judgment is keeping you from getting a chase or citibank card. Have you truly analyzed your credit reports properly to see if minor small details are generating a denial. I got these cards, and I have made my credit situation perfectly clear. Pay the damn dollar, get a paid chargeoff and dispute the thing. Someone at the bureau may just drop it for you. Come on.

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    RE: I stopped reading your pos

    At the time I applied for that eloan bull, I wasn't following the threads on this list. Our transmission went out and I just wanted to get the damn thing fixed and get rid of it for something with a warantee. Now that I am back on this board, I know which scam artists to avoid.
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    RE: I stopped reading your pos

  6. Sailor

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    try Capital One and Providian.

    They give large limits 3K or more after you have been with them for a while. The trouble is the apr on these cards is high.
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    RE: try householdauto or a dea

    If you buy a car that is not in demand, they'll finance you (dealer financing) even with a bad mark. Their finance manager will personally review all 3 of your credit reports, verify income with your HR person, verify living presence etc.


    I don't understand why you went to gateway for 28%? You say you have 16 accounts ??

    Are you maxxed out? Citibank would most definitely give you a pimp card with a fat line like roni got,with a fat limit for a lot less (maybe 17.49%).

    Go find the car you want, if you are serious, and purchase it. Don't expect to get a car for less than $500/month of decent quality. Base line full financing for a bottom of the barrell stripped card is in the $300's per month on a purchase. A $21,000 car will probably run you
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    RE: I Know I Complain All The

    Have you considered leasing? I leased a new jeep through Chrysler Financial (with only so-so credit). My payment was $400 month with minimal downpayment and no depreciation issue when you are tired of the car.
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    Feel Free to Complain

    I hope you always feel absolutely free to complain on this board. It belongs to you as much as anyone else who posts here.

    It was interesting to see what an old judgment and a $1 collection item can do to your interest rate. With that said, please take Roni's advice and pay the dollar. Then dispute it later, since they have even less incentive to keep it on your report than you do to dispute it.

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