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  1. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    I had a check go to a collection agency in 1995. I have written the collection agency twice, only to receive negative results about removing the item. What other avenues of approach are there to have this collection removed?
  2. kristy - c

    kristy - c Guest

    Just because you pay off a bill doesn't mean that it gets removed from your credit report. The listing status should read "Paid", however, and should not show an open balance. You can request *this* change from the collector, though I might do a parallel effort and dispute the status with the credit bureaus as well.
  3. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    Thanks Kristy, it is in a paid status. However i would like to have it removed. If this possible?
  4. Kristy - c

    Kristy - c Guest

    Sorry, it isn't. Unless the orginal debt is over 7 years old.
  5. Credit  Ra

    Credit Ra Guest

    For the price of a stamp if I were you I would dispute the validity of each adverse tradeline posting on your credit files. The best that could happen is that the item would be removed the worst thing...nothing changes. You can challenge the information based on obsolescence - was the default 7 years ago? Is the amount correct or if you do not recognize the account number it may not be yours Get it?
    My only advice is review all files from the big 3 then respond accordingly. Odds are there would be little incentive for the collection agency to follow up on the inquiry and the 30days would probably elapse. Note the worst collection agencies- meaning the most anally retentive about keeping negative data are those owned by the Credit Bureaus
    Venceremos C.R.
  6. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    Credit Ranger (not Bobby), i sent another letter to the collectiona agency challenging their records. The in return sent me back a copy of the collection. Is there any other way that i may dispute or make a deal with the devil (collection agency) to have this removed?? I know that i only have 2 years left until it is removed. However, why not try to fix a wrong that was already fixed.
  7. Credit Ran

    Credit Ran Guest

    Place your disputes with the credit bureaus directly. Odds are no one will respond int he 30 day window and the item will be deleted. After 5 years these things get archived and since it has been previously paid there is little incentive for the collection agency to badger you.
    Venceremos C.R.
  8. Daniel

    Daniel Guest

    Credit Ranger, do you have a sample format in which i can use to forward to the credit agency??
  9. Credit Ran

    Credit Ran Guest

    Daniel.....there is an excellent resource at the electronic credit repair site. By the way its free shareware and the letter you need is already set up in a word format.

    best and warmest wishes

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