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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by far gone, Nov 6, 2001.

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    I have a collection on my report for a check that was written. I call the source that was on the report and they told me they no longer have it that a company called Delco has the bad check and gave me a number. I want to pay the check and have it removed from my report can Delco do this if the reporting agency is United Compucred? Also how should I go about negotiating the fact that I want the debt removed from my report? Please help.
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    dispute the items 3-4 times before attempting to pay it.

    If its like $50 the collection agencies won't do squat for you, they are going out on a limb to remove items, since they can lose their license to business with a credit bureau by doing so..
  3. bbauer

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    [quite] I have a collection on my report for a check that was written. I call the source that was on the report and they told me they no longer have it that[/quote] It makes no difference what they tell you. It makes absolutely no difference that they sold it, gave it away, flushed it down the toilet when the office ran out of toilet paper or whatever. They put it on your credit report and they are both legally liable and responsible for what they said, good, bad or indifferent.
    It makes no difference who the reporting agency is, it can be removed by them if they so desire. And they never desire unless you force them to desire.
    How old is the check? You should never pay a bad check or a bad debt if it has been put on any kind of public record that is against your credit.

    Unless of course that public record is at the office of the local district or prosecuting attorney. in which case you had better pay it off as quickly as possible before they throw you in jail. But governmental check collectors don't usually put it on credit reports of any kind.

    A check collection is no different than any other kind of a collection once it is in the hands of a 3rd party collector. But it sure does look worse on your credit reports because if a creditor pulls your credit report and he sees that you don't pay your bills and you write hot checks, you look like you must have rode with Jessie James or the Dalton Boys. So that makes it a double whammy.

    If Delco has the check but isn't reporting it don't worry about it. Just worry about the company that is reporting the check no matter who it is or even whether they have the account anymore.
    You simply make them prove that the debt and the report they put on your credit file is correct and that you actually owe the debt. This company already told you that they no longer have the check and that some other company has it. So they probably can't prove the debt if you demand validation of the report. They can't go to Delco to get the report, they have to go back to the company you wrote the check to and that company has to prove the debt/check whatever. If they fail to do so within 30 days time they have violated your rights and the law.

    You should defend your rights vigorously instead of letting them run over you like you were some kind of a dog. In order to defend all of your rights, you need to learn what they are. That can only be done over time. Nobody can teach you all your rights, not for free nor not for pay. You can go to schools and colleges and all of that and in all likelihood, you still would never learn them all. So learn all that you can and learn to go with your gut feelings for the most part.

    If someone has made you feel like you have been abused, then you probably have been. If you think that there ought to be a law against somebody doing "that" to you, then there is a good chance that there is a law against "that" no matter what "that" is. It would not even surprise me to hear that there was a law somewhere controlling which way the water had to swirl when you flushed the toilet even though that is controlled by the force of gravity.

    Getting that report off of your file is not a major problem at all. If they can't prove the debt and do it in the manner demanded by law then they can be forced to take it off and sometimes they can be forced to pay you big damage awards for having violated your rights and disobeyed the law. Just because you abused them by not paying your bills or writing hot checks or whatever does not give them the right to abuse you.

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, and that statement refers to bill collectors as well as to the average person.

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