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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Karen, May 2, 2001.

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    After getting out of the hospital after a serious accident three years ago, I found I had fallen behind with one creditor for a total of $57. I called and promised to pay immediately, which I did. Almost three years later, a collection agency, not the creditor, reported to all three CRA's that I had defaulted on a $57 debt and that the collection agency had collected it. I never even knew a collection agency was involved. TU deleted it from my report, but the other two CRA's verified it with the collection agency, not the creditor. What do I do now? Ask them to verify it with the creditor and hope they don't because its paid? Or, call the creditor and ask them to not respond when asked to verify by the CRA? The creditor was originally very understanding when I explained the circumstances so I have no idea how the collection agency got into this. This thing was paid off over two years before the collection agency reported it. Thanks
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    Write to the collection agency explaining that you paid the original creditor directly and that, therefore, the information they are reporting is incorrect. Also write to the CRA's that "verified" and get the information on who they contacted. This is a situation here you will need to be persistent.

    Good luck.

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