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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, Nov 16, 2000.

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    and got no responses. Could someone who might know about credit scores please give me and answer on this subject? Yesterday I refinanced my auto loan with Wells Fargo Finanacial. I also have had a chapter 13 bk removed from my Equifax and Experian reports. Any idea how much a persons score might go up with a new paid loan showing and minus the bk? Also, I have 3 credit card accounts that have not been showing up on my reports, so I requested they be reported and was told by all that they soon would be. 1 is almost 2 years old, 1 is 9 months and 1 is 8 months. All are current with no lates. Thank you for any answers.
  2. Eboni

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    you will look pretty goos. All your account will be less tha 7 years so you won't be super high but you should be able to break 600. Someone else may be able to tell you more.
  3. Carrot

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    It's hard to say, but the removal of the BK should up your score quite a bit. Just to give you a basis for comparison, I have a chp 7 from 1996 and 5 paid judgments and my score was 620 as of 3/00. At the time I only had 1 credit card, an auto loan that was not reporting, and student loans which were deferred. Your score should be well over 600, as mine was 620 with some severe negatives on my report.
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    I am sure your score will be in the 620-650 range. It's all about account age with those 700+ high scores. Keep those balances below 60%.

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