I return - anyone, please help

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SheerInten, Apr 11, 2001.

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    I am back again with a few questions.

    First - I have disputed my bk with Experian due to the fact that it is listed as a joint filing instead of an individual filing. I filed bk in Dec. 98 and it was discharged in March 99. A few weeks ago it came back verified. I disputed again and asked for validation.
    Today, I get my report and in the consumer statement area it says "Disputed by consumer", and the filing status still states joint. Any ideas on how to proceed? I never asked for the comments to my file only that they report the bk correctly or delete it completely. Should I send a copy of my discharge noting the caption and then demand they remove the listing since it is incorrect? Please give me ideas on what to do next.

    Second - I disputed a paid judgment on my credit report. The updated reported came back and shows in the resolution area "released". What does this mean? Any ideas on how to proceed?

    Third - I have items on my reports that were from 1994 and 1995. Can I write to them and dispute the items as obsolete? All of the items I am referring to are supposedly due to fall off within the next six

    Fourth - Any ideas on how to dispute paid DMV judgments. They have already came back verified. I think I am seeking for them to maybe file a motion to vacate.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: I return - anyone, please

    I can answer the 3rd question: Yes, write a dispute letter claiming they are obsolete. If they are about to fall off within 6 months, you should have a very good chance that they will just remove them.

    As for the others, I am not sure. I would keep disputing the first one, though, and you might even threaten, and then file a complaint with the FTC and BBB.

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    Re: I return - anyone, please


    Thanks for the info. I will start disputing those next month.


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