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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ru4real, Aug 11, 2003.

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    They were served on the 25th of July. However, I disputed the account with them on July 8th. They have not repoted the account as in dispute to the bureaus. They cliam I was late, I never was. I sued them for damages (Mortagge interest higher..) and violation of the FCRA. I remember that the Creditor must inform the Bureaus that the account is in dispute. Only Experian still has the account reporting as a negative.

    First Premier has not reported it as in dispute. Is this an additional FCRA violation. If so, which one? In addition First Premier has not even bothered to contact me to discuss the problem. Can anyone halp with some advise.
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    I wouldn't sue until I knew the FCRA inside and out. Keep in mind, they may very well have updated the account as in dispute to the CRA. However, the CRA may take 30-60 days to update their reporting.
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    I sent FP a petition for suit (did not file, just sent them a courtesy copy). They took my account, that was reporting r1, paid as agreed, and changed it to delinuent r3 status when I closed it. I owed them nothing at the time I closed the account, The rep even confirmed that my account was in good standing. How can one be delinquent if they owe nothing and have no lates reporting???

    Anyhow, I sent petition and a copy of it to the cra reporting it this way. The cra deleted in a few days (it was a pos tl up till this point, with a long history, so I was a little disappointed) Still havent heard from fp...BUT, yesterday, when I checked my report, I noticed the account was reinserted...and changed to an installment account instead of revolving, thus, my score is really not helped by the correction in my account history for revolving lines. The lates were removed and it is now r1 and current. They just changed the type of account.

    SO...their actions still did not give my points back that I would have had if the account was reporting correctly...They took the lates off, but still crapped on me by doing this.

    Oh...in the interim while I was waiting for this to get cleared up, I reopened the account...hoping that the correct info regarding status would be re-reported. I asked the fp rep if I was to reopen it, would they report the good, correct info and was told "yes".

    Still, it feels like I am being punished for trying to close my account.

    I thought of closing it again, to see what would happen, lol...and adding to damages!

    PS, what court did you file in?

    I drew my petition up for state court...but I was wondering about jurisdiction...

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