I think Equifax owes me $4000.00

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    Okay I have a few questions.

    Where in the FCRA does it say that the CRA must report 100% accurate information. I know this sounds stupid but I am trying to cover all angels before I sue eq. for reporting a wrong information in the comment line.

    this is the situation

    on my credit report I have about 4 accounts that are currently charged off and listed as consumer disputes-investigation in progress.
    That being said, I haven't requested these accounts be investigated in quite some time (over 9 months), so I am thinking that the last time that these accounts were investigated they were never updated to reflect that they were done with the investigation. Is that a violation of the fcra or not.

    the reason I ask is because there are a few ways that you can look at this. 1. if the account is showing under investigation for 31 days (because the cra is investigating the account) then the cra is having a hard time verifying the information and the account needs to be removed. 2. if the account is shows under investigation for more than 91 days (because the original creditor is investigating the account) then the original creditor is having a hard time verifying the information and the account needs to be removed.

    okay here is the tricky part though...I haven't investigated these accounts in a long time (9 months or so) and when I did they sent me the forms saying that the accounts had been verified.

    So if I was to sue then what is the cause of my cause. that the cra/original creditors are reporting wrong information. or that they failed to complete and investigation in the alloted amount of time.

    Well i know this is probably a little confusing so anyone that will help i appreciate it, also if you need more information regarding this info just let me know and I will get it for you.


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