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    Today, in the mail, I received a letter from Unipac Services. They once held my student loan and currently the are 3 of the six negative entries on my reports. It's listed once on each report. Every time, and I mean every time I dispute they verify. So on January 29th or 30th I sent a c. letter to them asking them to verify the dates of my loan etc. On Saturday, February 10th I started a dispute with Experian and Trans Union on the basis that it's been so long and they have refused to verify the info I requested. I sent a copy of everything. It was a long shot but I was stuck with the last 6 negatives and this is 3 of them. Today I received a letter from Unipac and this is what it said:

    This is in regard to your correspondence concerning your student loan.

    As your student loan defaulted and is now being held by CSAC, you will need to contact CSAC with all loan documentation/information requests. CSAC can be reached at...

    IF you have any questions call the number above.

    I am happy because this type of letter worked with the Citibank loan I had. IT ONLY WORKED WITH EXPERIAN AND TRANS UNION.
    So if the current disputes don't work, then I will follow up immediately with this extra bit of documentation. Oh and the letter is dated 2/7 but the postage of the envelope says 2/12 two days after I sent my letter out. And btw, CSAC rehabilitated my loan and all that good stuff.

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