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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Nov 17, 2000.

  1. Momof3

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    I just was reading up on scores etc. I read an article about a couple who had a score of 700, many cards some with high limits and others will small amounts, their mortgage lender talked them into closing all their small accounts and transferring with to their higher limit cards assured them this would improve their score more. well they did as he advised and their scores dropped 30 points!!! Of course this was due to debt/ratios. So I know I have been worried about too many accounts, but I think I may focus more on paying down on cards and paying down on tranfered balance cards and keep the 2 little ones open. Sound good??
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    Sounds very good Mom.
  3. dave

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    Where was the article?
  4. Momof3

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  5. Momof3

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    RE: site here's story link

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    RE: site here's story link

    I've purchased 2 houses, - First time buyer, no problem, dumb college credit crap paid (but not for long). Second time - look out, not easy. They really work you, not like the first time & 2 years later I was explaining things I never explained the first time. I don't know your background, but that's my story.
  7. roni

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    Can you elaborate a little on your first time buyer experience. Income?creditproblems? Price? etc.

  8. Momof3

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    yes I am interested too

    Yes I would like you to give us some info on your first home buying experience:) How was your credit, your income, your tradelines how many etc?


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