I was ripped off by Pacific Ba

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cleon, Nov 28, 2000.

  1. Cleon

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    On October 13,2000,I was I recieved a letter from Pacific Bancom.It read:

    You have been approved to recieve a $3,000.00 unsecured credit card.In a single card you'll get...

    A 9.8% interest rate that is guarateed not to fluctuate over the next five years.

    A very low $5.00 monthly fee toservice your account for the next five years.

    A minimum monthly payment of only $55.00.(If your balance is less than $500.00,your payment is only 10% of what you spend.)

    We have taken a special interest in individuals who weren't able to obtain a credit card anywhere else and those who have been paying rediculously high interest rates and fees due to past credit problems to answer your attempts to begin a new credit history.

    This is a low introductory offer for a limited time only.Please contact your personal representative as soon as you recieve this notification.Since you have already been approved to participate in this program,your $3,000.00 credit card is only a phone call away.

    Matthew J. Roberts
    V.P. Credit Department

    8452 Reseda,#294,Northridge,Ca.91324

    Well,I called them and I gave them the information they asked for.They asked me to send them $289.00 that would cover the service for my account for five years.I was reluctant so I asked alot of questions and the representative answered them.She even suggested that I visit their web site to make sure that they were legit before I decide to send the mony.So I visited there web site an it appeared to be legit.So I sent the money order though my local post office (priority mail overnight express) Like she asked.Her name was Lanette.She asked me to call her and give her the tracking number of the money order so she could process it and send me my card.She said I should recieve it in 10 working days.Two weeks went by and I called back to check the status of the card.The rep. said that they were backed up and to wait another week.She also gave me a direct number (1-818-882-4858)If I had anymore problems.Another week past and I called both numbers and got only an answering machine.So I left a message stating my reason for calling and to call me back as soon as possible.They called back and said give it another week and if I don't recieve the card,call back and they would refund my money in full.Well,I didn't recieve no card so I called back and only got the answering machines again.so I left a message stating I wanted a refund.No one returned my call.I called day after day and left message after message......still no response.I called a week ago and the 1-800 number was no longer in service.I called the 1-818 number and a answering machine came on and I left a message stating that If I didn't hear from them promptly,that I was going to get a lawyer to handle this matter.Still, I haven't heard nothing.I attempted to go to their web site where I found that it no longer existed.

    Can someone give me some advice on how to go about bringing these perpetrator to justice.
    "Please e-mail me if you can help me"
  2. sam

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    RE: I was ripped off by Pacifi

    The US Postmaster is your first bet. Mail fraud.

    Sorry to hear this happen.


    If they ever ever call you, offering credit, tell them to never call you again, hang up and report those bastages to this message board!
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    RE: I was ripped off by Pacifi

    I have noticed that these scams never say that their card is a MASTERCARD or VISA. That's because THEY ARE NOT! First test to determine if it's a scam...ask if it's MASTERCARD or VISA!!! If it's not either, trash it! If it does turn out to be one or the other ask what are all fees!! If they are ridiculous trash it too!!
  4. sam

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    RE: I was ripped off by Pacifi

    Here's the kicker,

    Tell them you want the information in writing, terms and conditions, mailed to you. They will usually get pissed off and hang up on you at that point. I always taunt the telemarketers, i think they are worse than spammers.
  5. Tanisha Fi

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    RE: I was ripped off by Pacifi

    They got me too. Im still trying to get my money back. What can we do. Im so upset and I too want justice. And when I do catch up to them Im going to sue the hell out of them.
  6. Larry

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    RE: I was ripped off by Pacifi

    Filing a complaint is a good step...

    Contant the Better Business Bureau.

    To file a complaint go to:

    Justice will be served !
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    RE: I was ripped off by Pacifi

    You can file a complaint with the FTC at


    You should also file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs for your state. What is Pacific Bankcorps web address? I couldn't find anything on the net about them.

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