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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Killer, Jan 18, 2001.

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    Just looked at my report at iplace.com. Everytime I see this I get angry but there is nothing I can do! I had a repo over 2 yrs ago. The original creditor and the collection agency are both reporting. To make it worse, they are reporting different dates, different balances, and different account numbers. It looks like 2 different accounts! My iplace report is counting both balances in the delinquent total and both in the installment total. This along with my current car loan looks like I owe a small fortune in installments. But what can I do? The debt is still collectable for about 2 more years. If I dispute in order to get one of the accounts removed and get the dates/balance corrected, I could push them to do a judgement. I wish I could do something.
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    RE: I wish I could do somethin

    I had the same problem kinda, but mine was a judgment and a collection reporting the same acct. but maybe if you write a letter to the c.reports and explain that it is the same account they will research it their self just to match acct. #'s and amounts and delete one or have them to make note on your credit report that this is same acct. thats kinda what I had to go through.
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    RE: I wish I could do somethin

    Dear on the go,

    Thank you for the information! I will try doing just that..

    I am having the same difficulty with my Equifax and Experian reports. TU deleted the original creditor's account, but kept the collection.....

    Killer, best of luck with getting the darn thing off your report....

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    I think you should write both companies and ask them to provide all dates and information that pertains to your loan. If they send proof you have lost nothing but if they say they no longer have the info because the sold the account then you're in luck. Then dispute the item as unverifiable(include a copy of the letter). What do you have to lose?
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    RE: I wish I could do somethin

    Yes I guess your right.

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