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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by banko, Oct 3, 2003.

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    As I prev. posted. I sent validation request. They responded. 1)Account in dispute status. 2)discont. collection activity, 3)request documents. During this time I disputed with CRA. The CA verified. When you said keep the letter, do you mean a copy of my credit report that comes back and reads that Item remains? For the $1000 violation.

    And even thought they did respond, Should I maybe say since you haven't provide any form of validation?

    Also I'm having another small problem. A Ca re-aged an alleged debt. Alleged orig. creditor deleted last year. I have old report showing alleged OC trade-line.. I've repeatedly going through Cra's to verify. I even sent the CRA'S a copy of my old report showing it was re-aged. They did nothing. It always comes back verified or small change to amout. Back in April, I spoke to the CA about settling. They worded a letter but it didn't include everything I wanted. Specifically the wording, "delete any and all references to this account"." The said in the letter remove derog. info. I just ignored them. Now I want this off my report. I sent the CA a validation request last month. I got green receipt back and forwarded a copy to the Cra's. I also got a letter from the CA'S attorney. Letter stating pay or we may sue. I'm in California. Alleged Debt is from April 98, No payments since then. It was finally removed from 2 CRA'S during this last validation, but remains on another. They verified on the last day on my other CR. What options are available? Since I spoke of settling, have I hurt myself? I spoke to the CRA who they verified with today. They stated that I have disputed this 8 times and they wont dispute again.. thanks

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    I'm curious. Lets say it is your account. You go through validation with no luck. You then send estoppel letter with the statement, "I affirm under penalty of perjury under the laws of the land for the USA, that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief"
    If it goes to court and they prove you wrong. How does one protect themselves from that "heavy" statement? What so-called loop-holes would work in your favor regarding those statements. Seems like there are loop-holes for them. They dont validate and provide differnet info to each CRA.

    also, in the letter it reads "small claims against your Company for defamation, negligent enablement of Identity fraud and violations of the FCRA."

    Lets say its yours, but they haven't provide any documentation yet:

    Would defamation fall under them reporting one thing wrong. Amount, charge-off, account history, different trade-lines on your CR.

    Negligent enablement of Identity fraud-can someone explain this. If its not yours, I understand. What if it is yours? What defense would you have? I'm really interested in learning about this. If you say its identity fraud and they show your signature haveny you committed mail fraud? Just aking..

    Violations of the FCRA-would this fall under not reporting when disputing. Wrong amounts etc.. I'm not sure.

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    You guys gonna help Banko?

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    There are 3 states in which it is a violation of Unfair, Deceptive Practices Act to file a suit or even threaten to for POST SOL debt.



    Tell em to pound sand.

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    Also - I worked hard on a thread that answers your above question in detail.


    Minus the BB crap of course.

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    I think MN is included here.



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