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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by muzi, Oct 28, 2000.

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    I paid off all my old collection account including 1 judgement , planining to buy the house soon and would like to get the mortgage with 8-8.5% interest any advice ? also does anyone use ICR service to restore bad credit please let me know?
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    It depends on when you paid them and how old they are. The older the collections the less they influence your credit score. Paying them did little to improve your score however. But it will allow you to get some new credit in the future. If you havenot already you must obtain some new positive tradelines to improve your score. Be very selective when applying for credit. I suggest that you consult with this board before submitting an application. You can compare your credit profile with some of us here to determine who will more likely give you credit. Secured cards are a surefire way to establish credit. Dont waste your time applying for unsecured cards if your collections are new or have only been paid off a few months ago. I suggest from my own personal experience, give yourself 3-6 months after paying chargeoffs/collections before trying out unsecured offers. You want a good mortgage rate. You have started out great by paying the collections. You next step is to raise your credit score. Also since the collections are paid, you have a damn good shot at getting the items deleted from your report as the creditors may not bother verifying a debt after they have received their money. I dont know anything about ICR. However, I know that Junum works and they are very cheap. Plus, they promise to assist you in getting a mortgage and credit cards to rebuild your credit. The cost is $21.95/ mo plus $8 for each deletion. I have been with them for 1.5 months and they have deleted 3 items from my experian. I am siked. Apply for them through www.carreonandassociates.com to receive optimal benefits of the program. Good luck!
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    There is some information about ICR on the quality credit repair website. You may want to scroll down the messages on the discussion board; it's much faster than doing a search. www.qualitycreditrepair.com is the website. Hopefully you'll find some useful information.

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