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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by numnuts20, Feb 17, 2001.

  1. numnuts20

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    I am concerned with protecting my ID&Credit.I know to check my credit report a couple times a year,shred documents with personal identifiers etc.I have just recently came accross for the cost of a couple credit reports and a little gas it seems worthwhile does anyone use this service?does it seem like a ok deal?What else can I do to protect my ID...I was considering having a fraud alert attached to my credit with the three bureas..does this affect credit ratings?Thanks in advance.
  2. numnuts20

    numnuts20 Well-Known Member

    sorry to see no replies...anyway an update/ I just signed up to I am glad..I believe it is worth the$.There are several signs they watch for and you can choose from numerous preferences.A note about First USA credit card..have not used in a long time and THEY closed the acct.I wish I would have closed so it would show on the credit report|"closed by consumer"instead of closed by grantor anyway I have good credit so I do not think this should matter much.I am unhappy that creditcard companies stick it to peoples starting out and if your late a couple times it would indicate possible trouble so why compound that by raising APR and adding more fees?Any hoot I am glad there is this board to help peoples out.I personally have no loyalties to any banks/creditcard companies and anyway to save monies from lower rates/ waiving of fees I think is great!
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    numnuts20 wrote:
    All credit card charges should require a charge slip signed by the card holder before any money is paid from the account!!!
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    No, DO NOT PUT A FRAUD ALT< on your report it stop you from getting credit, its called a [ Hawk ALT ] keep your SSI off the web, do not use your credit cards on the web, your number can be sold in 30 sec

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