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    How do you commit identity theft? I mean, how do they commit this crime?
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    This happens when someone without your knowledge gets a hold of your personal information (i.e credit card numbers, social security number etc...) now the simple minded criminals may just go on a shopping spree with your credit card information while the more experienced thugs will also open new accounts under your name and possibly ruin your credit.

    Some basic Tips to avoid this crime while you're online:

    -If you shop online, ALWAYS use websites that use a Secure server to transfer and process your order.

    -NEVER send your sensitive personal information such as credit card and social security number by email.

    Some basic tips to avoid this crime offline:

    -Always shread your billing statements when you throw them away, or keep them in a secure place.

    -Never give your credit card or any personal information to a telemarketer that calls you and tries to sell you something.

    For more info on identity theft check out our free article:

    "Identity Theft - How To Protect Your Credit."

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