Identity thieves!!!!!! HOW!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by 4love, May 1, 2000.

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    Recently I have been victimized by identity thieves and cannot understand how they were able to acquire NUMEROUS visa and mastercards in my name. After a little research, I have come to understand that instant credit at retail stores and the checking accounts were relatively easy to get. What I cannot understand is how the hell these bastards were able to get the visa and mastercards. I mean, I have read NUMEROUS articles on identity theft and they all say that sometimes these guys redirect mail. Well, none of my mail (at least I didnt notice) was redirected. I got mail everyday including MY own credit cards. Im in the process of calling every fraudulent account to try and figure this out. I mean, when you look at the credit granting process it should be impossible. When these creditors received the applications, the address on the application should have been different than address on my credit report. They do pull your credit report before granting credit cards dont they?? Why didnt they pick up on this? That should have been a red flag automatically, COME ON!! Anyway, if anyone has any insight into this dilemma PLEASE feel free to post. Thanks for reading.
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    All it takes is one creditor to input the new address without taking steps to confirm they have the right person. The identity theives know which ones check "red flags." The others creditors look at the credit reports, see the new address reporting, and walla. You know, somewhere I heard the average person moves every two to three years. Its also not unusual for old addresses to continue reporting on a credit report, creating a difficult task of confirming which address is your true address (such as people who have some of their mail sent to their parents or someone eles's home (e.g., trying to fool collectors??) or use a mail drop, such as Mailboxes Etc).
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    to 4love

    I understand your frustration. I am going through a similar situation. I just found out in March that someone has been using my social security number for at least six years to obtain credit at numerous retail stores and credit card companies. I do not know this person and he does not even live around me. Since March we have been getting calls and mail at my home for this person from debt collectors. They have done skip tracing using my SSN and they come up with my address but they send it in the persons name who has all these fraudulent accounts. I have since found out that both Trans Union and Equfax had this person in their files under my SSN also. It is unfortunate but the victim is always the one who has to do all the work to clear up their good name. I have had to make many long distance calls and write many letters and send debt collectors proof that the SSN this person has been using is MINE and not his. I wish you luck in resolving your problems.

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