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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jonesing, Jun 10, 2001.

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    I've written before about the (IMHO) lackadaisical attitude my gf has about her credit reports--namely because she has had some problems in the past but has turned things around. She's working with a CCCS-type place but I was under the impression they weren't doing much because she never seemed to get any info (statements/updates) from them.

    About 2 weeks ago she got an invitation for the Providian Clearly Smart Visa card so I took that too be a since that she's improving. And since Experian's CreditManager went live, I took another stab and convinced her to take a peek at her credit report from them since it's free. BIG mistake!!!

    They say ignorance is bliss...well she was blissful until I had to poke my nose into things. She's now a raving, stomping wild beast and is ready to rip some new a--holes into whoever gets in her way!

    It seems that her report is rife with errors. Like 3 retail accounts that she's never had. It's not really a case of crossed names because there are less than a dozen people in this country with her last name! (I've checked.) Also, there's the Citibank account that shows 150 days past due effective 5/2001 but when she called them, the phone rep told her that her account was in great standing due to the 4 years of on-time payments via the CCCS company! In fact, the rep said come October, she should actually be able to have a new account with them.

    Then there's the big one: A local area department store which was included in her payment plan (the store's credit dept signed and faxed the agreement) has a judgement against her! What's odd is that the judgement was filed about 9 months after they agreed to the repayment terms! Also, the debt management company told her she paid a total of $350 to the store but the store filed judgement for $310. Also, the store has another entry showing her account is only 60 days past due and the past due amount is $30.

    The debt manangement people said they would investigate and said there's no way that store should have filed for a judgement. So, who knows? Maybe her 600 score will go to 700-750 when those errors are fixed? I think she's ready to get the other 2 reports now that she's on the warpath! LOL I've created a monster!
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    Oh well, guess what???
    So you have created a monster.

    Best advice I can give you that they say there is a silver lining inside every cloud.

    Best get out your looking glasses.


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