I'm a confused, question about an old debt

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by reset, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. reset

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    Hello people,

    I have an old debt from about 5 years ago that has showed up on my credit report when an employer checked it. They said before I can be employed I need to take care of this debt by getting it reduced. I am not sure how to do this. After hours of researching companies that offer services, I have found that it is best to do this on my own seeing as how it is only one blemish and it would cost little compared to using a company that specializes in this. I would like it to be removed from my credit report so it shows nothing negative.

    I have requested a credit report, and I am waiting to get that in the mail, (for some reason they would not let me get it over the internet). I am not sure what to do next, mainly because I found so many different contradicting suggestions. Any help is greatly aprreciated. Thank you!!
  2. jlynn

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    Wait until you get the report. Lets see who the collector is, how old it is, etc. then form a plan of action from there.
  3. greg1045

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    While employers now do check potential employees' credit histories, especially when the positions involve money matters, only one bad mark on a credit report is really nitpicking. This might be a politically incorrect question, but are you white/caucasan or not?

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