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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by zero, Aug 7, 2003.

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    Before I found this board I tried to help my wife clean up her report. When we first pulled her report it showed 3 collections. 1 was for a medical for $200 that was paid in full in early 2002. The second was an ongoing collection for less than $100 and the third another medical for less than $50.

    Being the dummy that I am, I went ahead and paid off the 2 remaining debts for her, thinking that it would help. Obviously I would do differently today. Anyhow, when we recently pulled her report it showed the collection for less than $100 as paid, yet the one for less than $50 still shows as outstanding. I paid over the phone to the CA using my personal credit card and still have the invoice for the one listed as unpaid. Before I screw up again I thought I could enlist some advice as to what I should do next, lest I make matters worse. Seeing as how the 2 accounts are now paid, with no other open accounts with them, should I send them a letter to stating that they are misreporting in the hopes of having them removed? How can I hit the one reporting unpaid the hardest? I tried in good faith to pay it off (my first mistake) I would really like to get all 3 negatives off. She has no late payments or other negatives other than a short history.



    PS: is there a way to remove an account that is reporting as "unknown" It was a credit card that was lost. The new one from the same CC company is also reporting
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    Here's what she does:

    1: Dispute the trade lines with the CRA as "paid". The CRA will probably say the CA revified them as still owing.

    2: Repeat the procss above.

    3: Sue the CA for $1000 for deliberately posting erronrous information in her credit file.
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    Just to make sure I've got this straight.

    Its expected that the CA will claim that it is still unpaid when the CRA tries to validate, and when that happens we should dispute it again. Correct? Then sue? What happens if the CA claims that it is paid? Does it just change to paid on her report or can this be removed regardless? Forgive me if I'm a little slow, just trying to understand all of this.

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    Have you disputed these collections with the CRA's as 'Not Mine' yet? If not I'd try that first.

    I disputed 3 small amount paid collections with Equifax and they deleted 2 of them and the third is now reporting as paid. I had similar results with EX and TU.

    Good Luck!


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