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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by hurricane5, Jun 20, 2001.

  1. hurricane5

    hurricane5 Well-Known Member

    Hey all,
    Back from a WONDERFUL trip to Jamaica...my wife and I had a blast, and it was great for me to "go home" again (been way too long).

    Just to catch everyone up, here's what's happening...

    1. I received a bunch of credit reports in the mail (from the Junum disputes). I haven't done the official count yet, but looks like about a 50% negative deletion rate so far, and others were "updated with new info". No complaints from me!

    2. I had a collection account from my old cable company because they didn't come and get the cable boxes when I moved. When I was buying my house last year, they said I had to clear up the collection. I drove the boxes back to the cable company in my old county and got a letter from them saying the account was satisfied. A couple of weeks later, I got a letter from the coll. agency saying "our client has informed us that you have satisfied your debt....we will notify the CRAs" So I ended up with a "Paid" Collection -- so who cares, I still got my house...The day before my trip, I found those two letters and on a whim, called the cable company and talked to the same gentleman who gave me the original account satisfied letter. I told him my situation, told him that I had never even talked to their coll. agency, and wanted the entry removed. He put me on hold for a minute, came back and said...Okay, it's done, the notation should be deleted within 48 hours...What a great way to start my vacation (especially after my stolen identity episode with the PS2 that went to CT)

    3. While looking at my CRs today, I FINALLY took notice that Cap 1 had purchased my old Office Max collection acct (Paid)..so I thought well, I have two good Cap1 accounts, but this one also says Cap1 but shows as Paid Charge off..so again, on a whim, I called Mr. Miller (I kept his email from his response to my PlanetFB letter a couple of months ago) and explained this disparity to him (especially since I had just received a "Pre-Approval" offer from Cap1 Auto Lending...I gave Mr. Miller the account number that was showing up on my CR, he said he could not access that account from his terminal, but he would research it and call me back...less than an hour later, he calls (my wife was quick to tell me how sexy his voice is) and says that the account was actually settled for less than full balance ($100 due)..so he said that if I would send in the extra $100, he would DELETE the entry...I said, the check is in the mail..so by next week, that account should be GONE!!! Mr. Miller is the MAN!!!

    4. Never got a call back from the fraud detective in CT. I'll give him a call tomorrow to see if he even cares about the "person" that is playing with a new PS2 on my behalf (when I don't even have one yet)...not holding out much hope though...
  2. fingrrrl

    fingrrrl Well-Known Member

    Isn't Mr. Miller great? I wrote to Capital One via planetfeedback and asked if I could not be charged an annual fee this year. I just went to check my statement online and there was a credit for last year's annual fee. (I'm assuming it was the work of Mr. Miller :)) Who knows if this yera's fee will be assessed or not, but still, that was a nice surprise. I love Capital One. :)
  3. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Hey Hurricane,
    Welcome back! I was just reading your post and thought how cool is it to spend a glorious time in such a beautiful place, and to return back and find your credit report cleaner from Junum disputing while you were gone. WooooHooooo!

    To have that ID thing right before you left and then to return to find the CA,CapOne and Junum things is just karma! You must have done some really positive things in your life :) Suprised you didn't get a call back from the fraud detective. Must be a busy month for fraud up there. Glad you had such a great trip.


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