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    What is the best and easiest way to get a credit card for immigrants? I mean I have zero no data on my credit report, just arrived to the US and just started working. Anybody? Thanks!PS: my exact status is a "conditional permanent resident"
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    Hi Monika:

    Many banks offer Secured credit cards, this is where you give the bank a deposit, usually between $100 and $500 and that will be your credit line, and you can start building credit by using the card and making your payments ontime, also you can apply for department store credit cards such as JC penney etc... they are usually easy to qualify for but their interest rate is a little too high but it's good to start building a credit history.


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    RE: Immigrants getting getting

    Monika, the best and easiest way to obtain a "legitimate" credit card and start your US credit history is to go to the bank of preference and speak to a manager tell them you desire to open an account and obtain a secured credit card in which you will deposit at least $500 which they should at least match.

    If the big banks won't work with you or put up too many bullshit barriers go to a Credit Union and you'll find much smoother sailing there.

    I suppose you can bring along your U.K? Canadian? credit reports which may have some effect since it will be a human person you'll be dealing with.

    Thereupon, having obtained your bank secured card you can stop by any mall and look for stores actively seeking out to give their cards these places such as Target and Walmart will grant you their card immediately based upon your valid visa/mc secured card.

    And there you have it instant credit history.

    Now Monika, listen very closely do not apply either by mail, voice or online for any and I repeat ANY card you will be surely rejected the reality is your past credit life is meaningless, regardless of how many paid loans and mortgages you may have had, regardless if you had perfect history for the past 50 years all are totally worthless in their eyes and they'll grant a credit card to an 18 year old with a $200 limit Walmart card and a minimum wage salary over a newly immigrant making 6 figures every single time besides which with no credit history all you will receive is a letter stating that the creditor was not able to consider you for a card based on the lack of information with whichever of the 3 Credit Reporting Agencies it tried to inquire with. So why bother.

    Do not apply for ANY card that claims to grant cards to those with no credit history as they are horrid, abominable sub-prime or in these cases sub sub-prime cards. Now its most likely you have never heard of these types of cards as I believe the US is the only country that has this type of market (perhaps New Zealand as well?) STAY AWAY they are ALL RIPOFFS with massive fees many made up as they go along, ridiculously high usurous interest rates and customer service so bad it is beyond belief, basically the attitude of those operating these sub-prime banks is that the individuals with damaged credit who these cards are set up for are nothing but deadbeats who deserve to be ripped off and treated like dirt at every turn and the worst of the worst of the nightmare of the lot is a card called Cross Country Bank a total scam and loan sharking operation.

    But then with your "prime" (called normal cards where you come from) secured card and a couple of instantly granted department store cards you have no need to.

    Here'a a few tips, if you have an American Express, Citibank, MBNA, Capital One card (these banks have branches in many other countries) you may try to convince them to convert it to a U.S. one, now if they 'choose' they can do so on the spot. If they try to tell you they cannot their lying, if they try to tell you to make an application (totally futile in your case) take a hardline approach and tell them here's my job particulars here's my past excellent credit history with your company. Its worth a try.

    The Credit Reporting Agencies have transfer agreements with their branches in other country so you can transfer your home countries credit information to the US but why bother it will gain you nothing.

    If your from Canada and have a Sears card first off you can use it interchangeably in both countries but I would attempt to have them convert it to a US brand, again its worth a try and if successful would grant you an immediate credit history 'the easy way'.

    Please stop by again and report of your situation I would be interested in hearing about it.
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    Ihad the same problem when I first came to the US 1 year ago. Although I was using Citibank`s visa in my country they considered that I have no credit history. Even my bank didn`t give me a credit card. I tried everything, but even Sears and Filene`s refused me. At last I got Capital One`s secured credit card which has a very small limit. As you can guess I use it in a week and pay the total amount at once.
    Unfurtunately my credit history is still insufficent. Although I always pay my bills on time and work full time my credit history seems to stay the same. I still can not get an unsecured credit card and not even a department store card.
    So what I recommend you to do is get a secured credit card as soon as possible. It might be easier to get it from a credit union, check yellow pages for them. Do not apply for a lot of credit cards, because it has a negative effect on your history. I leant these too late, so I hope my message will help you. Write me if you have other questions,
    Good luck in America.
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    That was my problem a year ago. I came in the USA on January'99 and I applyed for Capital One Secured Credit Card on August,99. I got it /$99 sec.deposit and $500 limit/. I applyed 3 months ago for Associates unsecured credit card and I got $1500 limit. Last month I applyed for Discover and they gave my $1500 unsecured credit card. Today I got Sears credit card. So , I think it's a good way to start in the US. And don't forget :
    pay ALWAYS on time and DON'T GO over the limit. Good luck !

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