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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jodie32, Sep 26, 2001.

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    A couple years fighting depression and a year unemployed, because of it, my credit is a disaster. Never had much for credit cards, but student loan - defaulted. Two bank accounts closed with negative balances - putting me on Chex Systems - therefore no checking. Car repossessed - owe $4k. Apartment defaulted - still owe
    utilities shut off - still owe
    cell phone shut off - still owe
    doctor bills - unpaid

    I am now back on track, earning $7.5k a month wanting to restore my credit, I have very little time with focusing on a new and demanding job, so possibly want to hire someone. I have talk to the folks at Lexington Law, but am looking for a one stop shop. Who can negotiate settlements - lump sums or on a payment plan? Who will negotiate clearing my credit as part of the settlement? Who will advise me on what to do about chex systems - no checking makes life tougher! Who will direct me in the right direction for rebuilding a positive credit rating. How long will it all take? Great job, bad car - need to get new car soon, but doubt any approvals will be streaming my way. I live in Minnesota, any attorneys that specialize in these areas?

    Advise, advise, advise. PLEASE!

    My best,

  2. Bill B

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    Bill Bauer
  3. Quixote

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  4. Quixote

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    BTW again,

    Welcome to the board!

    Please keep us updated as to your progress.
  5. Erica

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    I'm not totally sure, but doesn't Bill Bauer's system go after the CA's? What if her accounts aren't with Collection Agencies? Then she's back to square 1.
  6. bbauer

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    While your assumptions are pretty correct, Erica, I do also deal with original creditors.
    We just have to go at it a different way sometimes in order to get them to send the debt to a collection agency or an attorney. Once they do that, it's just as easy to deal with tham as any other.

    Sometimes we can pretty muchly "spoof" them along for the simple reason that they often don't know that they are protected from FDCPA and what we try to make them believe is that they are under FDCPA. We just "trick" them one way or another.

    They really don't give us any problems one way or the other. All comes out the same in the end even if we do have to fool with them a bit more on rare occasions.

    It's the bankruptcies, the student loans and the debts that have been paid in full that we can't do much with.
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    I must agree. I have researched Bill Bauer here and behind the scenes. If I were you I would contact him today.

  8. Tuit

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    If anyone can help you it is Bill Bauer..If he doesn't know the answer or there is an area he can't help you with he will tell you straight out, he won't string you along. He's a very easy and pleasant guy to talk to.....e-mail or call him I think you will be glad you did.
    tml :)

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