Inaccurate Credit Info on Credit Bureau - Tx.

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by prose8765, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. prose8765

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    A creditor reported me in error in having a late payment to the credit bureau. Trying to refinance house. Could not get a FHA loan because at the time, if you had a late payment in past 12 months on a retail acct - FHA could not refinance. Disputed with credit bureau's. Creditor verified account - nothing changed. Accepted an interest rate a little higher than what I could have received. Disputed again. Nothing changed. Filed a lawsuit against creditor. It's set for trial. I am proceeding pro se and have gone thru discovery and hearings. Even decided that I am going to start up a non-profit and educate the public regarding consumer issues. Started a website. At this writing I am being told to take it down because it lists the pending case in Harris County, Texas and some facts about it.
    Does anyone know of any current or past lawsuits against a creditor or furnisher that recently has been filed?
  2. jjgross

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    Just google the creditor and their should be cases filed with them
  3. jlynn

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    Who told you to take it down? The creditor? Court cases are a matter of public record. You might try looking at Pacer for recent federal cases. Are you in County or District Court in Harris County? Cases (in TX) could be in either of these trial courts.
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    Texas Fiesta Finance a/k/a La Fiesta Auto Sales is a used car dealership with several offices in the Houston, Texas area. Def's atty filing for a TRO.
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    I hope you object to their TRO!

    If you're making false or misleading statements, they might have a leg to stand on, but if you're presenting your case and posting documents that are in the public record, I don't see what grounds they would have (that couldn't be refuted or rebutted). But I don't know much about that area of law.

    Is the site: Home ?

    I don't see anything there that's particularly offensive? If anything, it looks bad to you because the judgment posted says you can pay for the filing. (But I agree, it's a pretty lame ruling). I've seen much jucier (i.e. bad for the defendant) web sites.

    If the defendant doesn't want their dirty dealings aired in a public forum, maybe they should have thought of that before they made them?

    It's funny (in that sad sort of funny) how simple things can get blown so out of proportion. I guess that's what keeps the lawyers employed.)
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