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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by c5kirk, Jun 28, 2001.

  1. c5kirk

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    Just thought someone might find the following useful...

    My wife just pulled her Beacon score from Equifax online. She also pulled it exactly one month ago today. In that one month the ONLY change has been that a Capital One Charge-Off status was changed to "Pays as agreed - Never late" (thank you Mr. Miller!). As a result of that one change her score went from a 632 to a 664. Just thought this info. might be useful to someone out there.

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    HI! I have searched for "Mr. Miller" in the archives, and come up with 64000 hits, so I'll ask you this question. Who is this Mr. Miller at Cap. 1 everyone is talking about?? My husband has a Cap 1 charge off that we just finsnhed paying off. The attorney for them would not negoiate for deletion or re-aging, so I had given up. If there is someone with Cap 1 that I should talk to, please share!!

  3. c5kirk

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    Mr. Miller is the consumer advocate for Capital One. Send a letter explaining your situation through and he will most likely be the person who responds. Our situation was... my wife had an acct. at Cap1. She closed the acct. and thought she had paid it off. Found out 2+ years later that there was still a small balance on the acct. when she closed it, which in that two years had grown to over $900. She paid it off in full and then opened another acct. with Cap1. She held that acct. in good standing for 6 months then we sent a letter through pfb. Mr. Miller contacted us, we explained the situation to him (trying to get the charge-off removed completely) and he said that since she had paid off the full balance and had another Cap1 acct. in good standing, he would change the status from "charged off" to "R1 - Paid in full", since this would help her score more than simply removing the listing. He followed up with a letter stating all of this about 3 weeks ago saying that it might take 60-90 days for the new status to show up on her reports. We went ahead and checked all 3 of her reports today and the new, good listing is showing on Equifax and Experian. Trans Union is still showing the charge-off, but I imagine it will be changed on there pretty soon also. Hope this helps.

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    Thank you so much for your help!!!

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