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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Lexington, Apr 5, 2001.

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    April 2,2001


    In Lexingtonâ??s ongoing and continuing commitment to being the leader in Credit Repair, we announce our new policy:

    One Client - One Advocate.

    "We've heard our client feedback" and we are "giving each client a single,
    permanent point of contact with their own Client Advocate."

    No more shuffle. No more luck of the draw in cyber never-neverland. When a Lexington Client joins our team of experts, you are placed in the hands of an experienced, legally backed Advocate and there you will reside, hand in hand, side by side. The human dimensions of credit repair requires and deserves a human contact. A personal relationship through the rough and rocky road to rewriting your credit history.

    Consistency is a part of our job in keeping and maintaining customer satisfaction. Lexington promises continuing innovations in bringing the best of technology and people to people services.

    Check us out. Meet Tanya, Cory or Maya. Thereâ??s a dedicated group of people behind the web pages and emails at Lexington. Thatâ??s what weâ??re all about.
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    Soliciting on publis message boards very professional.

    Business slow?????????????????

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