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    How long does an inquiry stay on your report ? Also, does that help your score. I am right now very sad I am 23yrs old with a FICO SCORE of 518....yes 518 so I am going to start working on my credit right now. From reading evrybody's post I signed up for the online report from equifax and have started diputing so we'll see. I'll keep you posted.
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    Hard inquiries (from you requesting credit) stay 2 years. Soft inquiries (ones from companies pulling your info to decide if they're gonna send you 'pre-selected/pre-qualified' offers in the mail) do not affect your score, but YOU can see them on your consumer report (potential creditors can NOT see them).

    Remember - you have three credit histories: One at Equifax (which you now have), one at Experian and one at Trans Union, each with different scores. You should be getting all of them and making sure you get all of them cleaned up.

    For a free copy of your TU report, go to

    For a free copy of your Experian report, go to
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    iplace says they are a secured website,if that is the case how come the pad lock isn't displayed at the bottom of the web browser?I got my report,and it dawned on me.Do you think anyone may of gotten any of my information from this website without the lock showing?
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