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    1. Is it ok to dispute inquires if you just disputed some inaccurate accounts with in the last 30 days? Also how far should you go back when disputing inquires?

    2. Is is ok to dispute inaccurate accounts and inquires in the same letter?

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    Re: Inquires--Exxon

    I have my own inquiry question too. I just got my online Equifax report with the FICO score and I noticed something very odd. Every so often Exxon will pull an AR soft inquiry on my report (twice in 8/2000!!) but the problem is I do not have an Exxon account! What gives? I *had* an account from 2/1994 to 4/1995 but I closed it with a $0 balance--why are they still dinging my report?

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    Re: Inquires--Exxon

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    Re: Inquires--Exxon

    hmmmm that's a good point, I just assumed it was closed as the activity ended in 1995. Although it doesn't affect my score, I just don't want people pulling my report willy nilly, that type of behaviour bothers me to no end. I'll explain why--my favourite department store contacted me in a year ago to tell me they were lowering my limit from $1200 to $400. I was stunned! I had a near spotless record with them. It turns out they pulled an AR *and* a hard inquiry a few days later. They cited past due status with *another* bank, lack of usage (they West-coast only and I moved away so I only shop there 4-5 times per year) and the fact that my score went down. So let's see--they aren't convenient to get to, they pull my report 3 times in 2 months causing my score to change yet they don't like that my score goes down? Well I put them in the fix, I paid flawlessly, got back up to $1,000 limit then paid them off and closed the account!
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    Re: Inquires--Exxon

    Why don't you give them to call to fiond out whether your acount is closed or not? Their number is (800)344-4355.

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