Inquiries - How many too many?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SM, May 23, 2000.

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    My husband and I have damaged credit. We recently bought a new car and have several inquiries because we were trying to find the best deal from a car dealer. Now we are talking to a few mortgage companies that do subprime lending. There again, several more inquiries.

    How many is too many? I would think the potential lender would look at the ones that are all the same type of credit subject, i.e. the four that are automobile finance companies and see why we have that many. We were looking for a car...therefore several companies pulled our report.

    I am looking for a mortgage lender that doesn't just look at the score and make a judgement from there. They are discounting me before they even delve into my credit report. A lot of it is self explanatory and it doesn't take a genius to find out that I am not going all over the world trying to open new credit.

    Any suggestions?
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    RE: Inquiries - How many too m

    I think inquiries are overrated. I have dozens and they just extended me new credit. My credit is excellent, but I think if your payment history is good, inquiries do not play as much of a factor. Just my experience.

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