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    Hello all. I am brand new to this group and have a few questions for you folks regarding inquiries. This will be a little long, but bear with me please.

    First, my situation. I have yucky credit. Specifically, right now as of today, I have 4 negatives on TransUnion, 7 on Experian, and 7 on Equifax. That may not seem like much, but when you consider I had a national law firm (Lexington) working on my repairs for almost three years, it seems like a lot. Anyways, after not having the progress I liked, back in January of this year I changed from Lexington to another law firm (Schrold) who has been able in two short months to remove 22 items from my TransUnion (including my Chapter 7), 3 from Equifax, and 3 from Experian (including the Chapter 7). Imagine this - the new repair service got 18 items removed from TransUnion in the first dispute cycle! Wow! So far, I am much more pleased with my new repair service than the previous one, and it is more economical. I am not saying that Lexington is not good or anything, it is just that I didn't see the progress I wanted and the new service seems to be delivering results that I wasn't getting from Lexington.

    Now, having said that, I have been reviewing not only the remaining negative items on my reports, but the inquiries, as I have learned from this board that they are hurting my score too. So my question is this. On TU, for example, I have a total of 18 hard inquiries in the past two years. Many of these are related to the same transaction (multiple inquiries when I applied for a mortgage with a loan broker). My first question is whether I can have the CRA delete the multiple inquiries given that they were all around the same time period and were for the same transaction? If so, how do I get them to do that? Second, I have a couple of inquiries within the last 6 months from AIG Insurance in connection with my auto insurance application. Do these inquiries hurt my score since it was only for insurance purposes and not credit extension? And just how much does one get dinged for each hard inquiry on their report? Finally, should I just challenge all of the inquiries to see how many I can have removed? And how would I do that - phone call, letter, what? I don't think my repair service is attacking the inquiries, so I feel that I may need to do so. I am desperate, and determined, to get my credit back in good standing, and will do whatever I have to legally to do that. I will not let the CRA's deter me. So, help me please! Thank you for reading this and replying.

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