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    I have about 12 inquries from mortgage companies. We had our home refinaned for a lower intrest rate. I did have 3 companies pull a credit report,and some are from companies saying that we had been pre-approved. I never had any contact with them and there names are on the inquiry list.Can I have these removed. I'm really new at this and I need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance.
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    Write the CRA's and remind them that anything that is pulled for a pre approved offer such be coded as such, and not appear on your report to others (i.e: a "soft" inquiry.)

    Whenever you have inquiries for car shopping or mortgages, they should appear as a single inquiry, if Im not mistaken. Perhaps someone else can verify that? ALso, contact the CRA's and advise them that if they do not have proof of a written authorization from you to pull your report, they must remove it, or classify it as a soft inquiry.
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    Yes, mortgage and auto-loan shopping inquiries only count as one inquiry, but I don't recall if it's inquiries within 30 days or whatever the timeframe is. The following is from "Ask Max" on >>>

    Auto financing and mortgage lending present a unique situation. Your application may be "shot-gunned" to multiple creditors to shop for the best deal. The practice may result in multiple inquiries for a single credit application.

    Car dealers and many creditors automatically recognize multiple inquiries for the same deal and disregard them. Some credit scoring models count multiple automobile or mortgage-related inquires that take place within a given period of time as only one inquiry. Therefore, the inquiries have no more effect than any normal credit application.

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