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    I'm starting to wonder if these really hurt that much because I requested a report a few years ago and I had 5 recent inquiries with Trans Union and that was exactly the time I was approved for MBNA Platinum, Discover Platinum, and AMEX Blue. I got a Chase Platinum just six months after these cards. Maybe these hurt a lot more if you have any negatives because I heard that according to FICO inquiries don't affect some people as much as others based on the other unknown variables that go into calculating your score.
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    I think you have a good point, I think when a person has negatives and a lower score than inquires will hurt you more. Inquiries don't make up much of the scoring model, people may disagree but I have seen very high scores with numerous inquiries.

    Even though you had great success, I do believe at times creditors will use that exact excuse for denying your credit, even though the inquiries didn't impact your scores that much.
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    Hi mom, I think you're right about the creditors because I noticed recently that I'm not getting any pre-approvals in the mail. The thing is that I'm still getting approved for new cards with good rates, but the creditors are giving me low limits. My brother gets tons of pre-approvals every week for Platinums. I know he has good credit, but I think he gets these offers because he has only had one credit card for the past 7 or 8 years.
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    I have to say I agree with you AB. I've heard the same thing from a number of Mortgage Brokers. It was enough for me not to worry too much but I figure why not get rid of as many inquires as I can :)

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