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    Long story short, I have run up a sufficiently large debt. I am 24 years old. On this particular credit card, I had my former employer listed, who just so happens to be my father. The debt went from the credit company, to collections, to a lawyer. The lawyer called my father's office, not knowing I no longer was there. My father answered the call and requested that she reveal the problem because he is my father, and she did. My question, therefore, is: Was this legal on her part? It was my understanding that no one other than the party involved was to be informed of any personal credit information. I am aware that I still owe whatever is due to the original credit company, but what action,if any, can I take against this law office?
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    Tita, was the credit card in your name only?
    If so it is against the law for a collector
    to tell a person other than you, your spouse,
    (or your parents if you are a minor)but at 24 I think your past the minor stage. Now you
    said you had your father listed, is his name on the card as being responsible for the debt
    also? this would make a big difference. But
    if not the collector has violated your rights under the FDCPA laws and you could sue
    and win a judgement for up to $1000 + attorney fees + actual damages. You have 1 year in order to file charges under the law.
    Maybe someone else could add to this concerning the father being listed. Good Luck
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    Thank you for taking the time to respond. No my father's name was not on the card at all. The only reason why his number was on there at all is because I used to work for him. Upon calling, this lawyer had no idea we were related. She just thought she was calling my office in order to speak with me. When he insisted she reveal the information, she did. Where do I go from here? I'm sure I have to issue a formal complaint, but with whom? Thanks for your time.

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