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    Hi all,
    I have been reading this board for about a month now and have made some minor posts. However, I have taken away quite a bit more info than I have contributed. So, I would like to impart on some of you a letter I have written, to ask creditors to remove some mis-focused inquiries. If it helps even a small number of people, then I would feel a might better about using this site's letters. Thanks and here it is:

    Re: Credit Inquiry

    To whom it may concern,
    The purpose of this letter is to inform you of a mistake made by your company. In the recent past, your company requested a copy of my credit profile without my express written consent. At no time did I request credit from your establishment nor did I sign any document authorizing an inquiry. However, when I look on credit reports with all three bureaus, I see the same incorrect information stating your company has requested my reports. This mistake on your part has penalized my credit scores with this unauthorized inquiry. This being the case, I have found you to be in violation of several California Civil Codes. I know my rights under the law and I feel you have violated them. I also understand that each violation carries a penalty of up to $2500.00.
    At this time my request is simple. I request that your company right a letter or call each of the credit reporting agencies to "delete" this unauthorized inquiry. For your convenience I am providing you with the addresses and phone numbers for all three bureaus:

    Trans Union
    1561 E Orangethorpe Ave.
    Fullerton, Ca. 92831-5207

    P.O. Box 9595
    Allen, Tx. 75013

    P.O. Box 740256
    Atlanta Ga. 30374-0256

    I believe this issue can and should be resolved within the next 30 days. I will be checking all of my credit reports at that time. I hope to see this matter corrected within this time frame or I will be left with no choice but to target you for legal action.

    Best regards,
    Joe Blow

    ( hope this helps someone. Please excuse any typos. This does not represent legal advice, only an incompetant lawyer can give you that.)

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