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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MMB, Jun 15, 2000.

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    now we had 3 different website promissing instant approval for platinium cards and other nice things.

    But looking at the Registrant for the domains I wonder if "Charlie Brown" with his e-mail on fredsteitz@HOTMAIL.COM is a real person, especially because sometimes he says his name is Laura Ragonese. But on the other hand according to hotmail directory he is fred steitz Mississippi, United States .

    I think this does not only feel like a big scam - I think this is one.

  2. Steven Z

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    RE: Don't wonder

    Its all the same old crap, with hucksters running affliates and passing that same old line about "instant approval for Platinum cards"

    Lets see, in the past day alone there's two such, with the latter a real "winner" whose posted under the following names:

    Peter Donovitch, Brick Mason
    Mike Pleasant
    Jessie Knowles

    while the latter Frank Spears, while showing a little ingenuity in his posting, unfortunately it all went towards tricking people into believing those with bad credit could qualify for cards that REQUIRE not only a perfect credit history but a stellar one at that, as well as a credit score of at least 700.

    Hmm perhaps these attempts to entice and allay the fears of those with bad credit is a result of mine and others ragging on the typical forumulaic ads. Or perhaps these swine have noticed a dropoff of applicants who've been burned too often applying for these wherein they had virtually no chance of success.

    Whatever the case the result is the same money in their pockets for every application and another negative inquiry for people least able to afford it.
  3. Mo

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    RE: Don't wonder

    Not to be discounted as well are the morons who just love to jerk people around for laughs....the same demented attitude that leads one to develop viruses.

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