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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Anthony Sm, Apr 3, 2000.

  1. Anthony Sm

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    First USA bank issued a card with low introductory rate with a 9.9 fixed APR. I like most people like fixed apr cards. The prime interest rate changes so much. I don't think a company should announce a fixed interest rate just to turn around and make it variable after they have you as an account holder. I am really interested in doing business with a company that offers a fixed interest rate and is willing to stick with what they say. If anyone knows of shuch a place, please let me know. These companies that change their policies every time you turn around is not the companies I would like to do business with. I am looking for a company with a low/fixed interest rate. If they are offering a intro rate for balance transfers, even the better.
  2. Lorrie

    Lorrie Guest

    try - 3.9% for six months, then 9.9%

    or American Express Blue - o% for purchases for 6 months, 9.9% for balance transfers, and after 6 months as low as 9.9% (depending on your credit)

    Bank of America has a card for 8.9% on balance transfers until they are paid. The 8.9% also applies to purchases in the first 6 months.

    Discover - 2.9% until September, then 12.9% thereafter.

    Capital One - 9.9%

    I am sure there are more
  3. JP

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    I'm not defending any creditor, but with the recent interest increases by the FED, you will see more companies move to the variable rate structure especially if rates continue to rise as predicted.

  4. Jeff

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    Tony, I agree with you 100%. I also am a
    card holder of First USA and was locked in
    at 9.9% fixed APR. I recieved my card through
    the Fraternal Oreder of Police and will make
    sure that contact as many member's as possible, to let them know what First USA is
    trying to pull with changing or fixed rate to
    a variable rate. This is wrong! I have another card through Capitol One with a 9.9%
    fixed APR and am very pleased with thier services.........

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