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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JerryDJ, May 11, 2000.

  1. JerryDJ

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    Just looking at some of the banner ads that support this website.

    Is not supported by credit card companies.

  2. Steven Z

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    RE: Interesting Banner Ads (CC


    I cannot imagine anybody enjoys seeing banner ads, I know I don't when I log into my e-mail site, at the very least it slows everything down.

    Now I realize this site is a commercial operation and seeks to make their profit and banner ads is the typical manner done by most sites some of which are really horrid and one spends a hell of a time trying to escape the never ending hyper ads arrrggghh.

    Before the changeover when this board was running WWWBoard (same as yours) while true we were not annoyed by banner ads instead their were never ending hordes of assholes constantly pushing their affiliate sites for most of the very same cards. Naturally with the banner ads present they realize, as well as being informed by both management and users here that they have no place on this board. It makes for a refreshing change.

    Of course there are sites that don't allow advertising, such as Quality Credit Repair BBS, but that hasn't stopped a steady flow of scammers from regularly preying on the board and its members. A situation I m happy to say does not occur much here as most are quickly run off and the word has spread. Furthermore, the postings are very sparse.

    For whatever reason most have chosen this site as their credit board of preference even with the incessant banner ads.

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