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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tessa, Apr 15, 2001.

  1. tessa

    tessa Guest

    His posts from quality credit repair have been removed.
    Anyone know why?
    I did notice that someone nailed him for advertising. That board clearly states "no commercial advertising".
  2. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    That must be why he all of a sudden showed up here.
  3. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    I will LK, I already posted that most of his posts seem like advertisements. he used to post helpful information on, but it looks like he is trying to make $$.

  4. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    Well, you are righ!

    They did remove all my posts from the other board, but I've been here long before they did that.

    I'm not going to post any more "ads" on here or there. Of course, their removal of my posts isn't going to make any difference since I use many different ISP services all the time and I have a very large number of computers on line at all times, Just one ISP has 12 computers on line at all times, and other ISPs have more yet.

    But please rest assured that I won't be posting any more "crass commercial messages" on here and I will post what I can to help people. If they want more help than I am willing to give them on line, they will just have to contact me by email.

    Bill Bauer
  5. judyputy

    judyputy Well-Known Member


    We do want your help if you really want to share it. But it seems like most of your posts start off with... "you are doing it all wrong, you should do it my way".... then you never say what YOUR way is.

    Don't come here and expect us to follow you to your site and purchase your program. We try to help each other here freely. If you want to help, please stay and help. But don't tell us we are doing it WRONG and then don't show us what you mean and how better to do it.

    Also, it's probably best to use the same ISP each time you post here. We have gotten very wary of people with different ISP's each time they post.

  6. Bill Bauer

    Bill Bauer Guest

    Re: Bill

    I normally use the same one unless I happen to be in one of my other offices in some other city. I have to travel a lot in the other business that I own, several of which are equipped with their own ISP service and those which are in cities too small to "afford" that use standard ISP services
    Bill Bauer

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