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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by greyfox, Jul 6, 2001.

  1. greyfox

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    I called retention today, since I hadn't gotten any goodies from them for a couple of months. ;>)

    The customer service rep told me that they are not being allowed to give CL increases over the phone anymore "as there have been so many calls, it was being considered an abuse of the system." LOL....too many Creditnet customers calling??? She said that CL increase offers would still be coming by mail, and when I asked if they would still be charging for them in light of the settlement, she said she didn't have that info, and I could call the number on the settlement brochure I had received to find out!

    Also, she said she couldn't give me the 14.9% rate on my accounts yet, (I'm at 16.9%) but probably could in a couple of months and that the rate MIGHT EVEN BE LOWER THAN 14.9% in light of the fed rate cuts. About time, I say!

    I keep my Providian accounts active because they are my oldest trade lines, and they gave me a chance to build my credit when I had none. Also, they charge the same rate for purchases and cash advances which is lower than my other cards for cash advances which I consider emergency cash if I ever need it.
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    What settlement? Was Providian hit with ANOTHER fine and had to dish out rebates? Would you fill the rest of us in about the settlement?
  3. greyfox

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    SuperStar, not a new settlement. There have been several posts about this...if you run a search on "Providian settlement" you can read them. You have to be in the class affected by their practices.

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