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    MOCAFEEN Guest

    I'd like to hear any opinions as to what the advantages are to using one of these internet banks, such as Compubank for example. I'm thinking of moving my bank account(s) and frankly I don't see why anyone would choose one of these over a brick-and-mortar bank, but I may be missing something since apparently some people *do* make this choice. So, if anyone has an opinion I would love to hear it.

    Also, as long as we are on the subject, are there any internet banks who allow deposits to be made through ATMs?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Jo

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    Wingspan is supposed to be adding ATM deposits some time this month according to my last month's statement. I like 'em, but I'm not gonna make the plunge into doing ALL online banking. I only use them because I was bored one night about a year ago...

    MOCAFEEN Guest

    Ha ha honest answer. That's too funny. Thanks, Jo. Anyone else have any thoughts?

    Jo wrote:
    I only use them because I was bored one night about a year ago...
  4. Ron

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    I currently bank online with the motorola credit union. My reasons for doing this is I dont pay any fees from my checking acct and I earn dividens something along the lines of interest. I use online bill pay and all my checks are direct deposit. So I have no need to deal with money hungry blood sucking banks....I am very happy with internet banking. If you have any Question let me know


  5. JacquiG

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    My first internet bank was back in January. I chose to go that route because my credit union, which is still my primary account, doesn't have checkcards, which I use regularly. None of the banks here (that I could find, anyway) offer a low-balance account without fees. I just opened a NetBank account, and fortunately, they are based here in Atlanta. No check holds, mailed deposits post the next business day, and a Visa CheckCard! Supposedly, they are going to have direct EFT transactions between banks soon.

    My account has only been open for two weeks, so I can't tell you how good/bad they are. Regardless, I will not close my credit union accounts.
  6. Eboni

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    I have been banking on the internet for over a year and it has been a real blessing. The first internet bank I signed up with was Wingspanbank. I pay NO fees and get reimbursed for ATM fees and earn interest. This has saved me about $100 a year in fees. I can use Bank One ATM's for free. They now charge a fee, but since I was a charter member I pay nothing. I LOVE Wingspan, a total internet bank backed by a big name. has been a horror story. I hope they have not been the only experience with an online bank for most people. I had this account but I am closing it ASAP.

    I now have a Money Market with Netbank (saving for a house), and I like Netbank so far. I know many people who use them and they have liked them also. I suggest going with a big name.

    I like the convience and the savings associated with an online bank. If you can't get our paycheck direct deposit or get a lot of paper checks then online banking is not a good choice, but if you do everything electronic, then jump on the bandwagon.

    Soon all banking will be online. Even regular banks are going online. The only problem will be after all the hype is going they are going to start charging you through the nose like all the regular banks do now. If you can get in from the start you will get the best deal.
  7. Cindy

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    I'd like to add my .02 on this. I have had dealings with three internet banks: SFNB, Wingspan, and I would definitely recommend the first two. I think the multiplicity of unfavorable posts on this board alone should scare anyone away from the third. I will be closing my account there as soon as I pay off my overdraft LOC.

    At SFNB, I have a joint account with my husband. He has a Visa, a business account, and a personal account with them as well. We have had nothing but good experiences with them. The only problem I have personally had is that my credit has not been sufficient for them to issue me a Visa (of course, this is MY problem and not theirs!). I did get a Visa Check Card from them with no trouble, and as I am located in Atlanta and so are they, mailed-in deposits usually post the next day. They do offer ATM rebates, as well.

  8. M.D.2be

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    I noticed that Compubank's website advertises their online bank as being rated #1 by SmartMoney based on an overall performance in several categories in comparison to many other online banks. Also their Visa check card earns you "Click Miles" for very dollar spent. Does anyone that posted here, with info on their own online banks, have any comments about Compubank or why they chose the online banks they did? Much appreciated.
  9. sbburn

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    i have an account with comubank. the click miles can be converted to miles with several major airlines. you earn the click miles with each purchase with your visa check dont have to be usung a credit card to get miles! they will issue the check card to you after your account has been open for three months. until then you will have a regular atm card.

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