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    Hi Joshua--yes, I did and nothing was on them. However, I just received a new alert showing that the St Louis Missouri (US BANK) is back on my credit report for Equifax. I again searched for courts (both Missouri and my home courts which is California) and did not find any entry under my name. It looks like I may be getting a significant tax return, so I may now be able to settle with them. The debt was for a student loan that is increasing rapidly in interest every month. From what I have noticed in settling with creditors in the past, they won't take you seriously until it's been 6 months, or longer. Also, I have noticed that there is a pattern:
    1. Original creditor contacts you.
    2. 6 months go by and they send it to a debt collector
    3. 3 months go by and the original credit has the debt and contacts you.
    4. 3 months go by and they send it to a debt collector
    etc, etc.
    And I also noticed that while it is in the hands of a debt collector, the original creditor will not deal with you and insist it was sold off. However, if you want a few months and the debt collector is unsuccessful (send them DVL etc), then they will again talk to you.

    I'm hoping to settle this before the lawsuit starts, or they win a default judgement on me since I could not locate the court records... thanks again for your advice!

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