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    Been a lurker off and on for a cpl of years. Credit was 630 when we bought our home in 2004. Left credit alone because I did not need it. Scores are all Mid 500's now with some NEW small debt that has creeped on in the last 2 yrs. We want to buy another home as we got rid of the house in 2009, not mtg lates.

    2 BIG ISSUES....

    1). Fed Tax lien placed by the county, $$ was not owed and I proved it, they released the lien but still shows on credit report.Told them to verify and they gave me the couinty address with a 3rd party phone #. What do I do now, released in 2008

    2). Old Collections 4 and 6 yrs, verified by Equifax BUT collection company has NO RECORD and wants me to give them all this personal info. I have a letter stating NO ACCOUNT BY YOUR name or address.

    Thanks in advance

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    1.) Did you get any sort of "certificate of release" that states the tax lien was made in error? If so, you should try sending copies of the release to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion and request that they update your file accordingly.

    2.) I'm a bit confused here...what do you mean the CA has no record? Have they validated the debt for you? Are you sure these debts aren't yours?
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    Good News UPDATE......

    Lexington Law got the tax lien released, now off ALL bureaus..TU was the toughest.

    The collections I made a deal with the CO's as one was my 23 yr old daughters...

    Told them I will pay hers for a letter of deletion..I did and they did...Problem was the 2 months it took TU to respond and remove..
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    Excellent work, and thanks for returning to let us know the results! Hope to see you around the forum often.

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