Is Aria's Persona Card worth h

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Shania, Apr 13, 2000.

  1. Shania

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    Hey everyone!

    A few weeks ago I applied for their card Not the persona one but that's what they sent me or approved me for. I paid the $49 processing fee. I have not yet used it. I am waiting to use it for my husband's computer certification tests at $100-$200 each test. Yes I know alot of money for a test, but he's a computer geek. :) Anyway, I know that this card has no grace period but I am just wondering if it was worth getting.
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    RE: Is Aria's Persona Card wor

    They offered me one, but I didn't want it.
    The terms are terrible. Why would I when I have other cards with low interest rates, not annual fee and have a grace period?

    I would only take it if you are just starting out, or rebuilding your credit, and cannot get anything better. Though I have not seen much worse terms.
  3. Shania

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    Thank's Lorrie

    Hey thanks Lorrie for your response. I wasn't really trying to get this particular card, I was trying to get the gold card or platinum. But I guess they thought I wasn't worthy of one. Even though I have good credit never late on payments and always pay when I am suppost to. I just have too much credit. Now that I have this stupid card, I am going to use it only for my husband's computer certifications. They're $100-$200 a test. :(

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