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    Back in 1991, I had disputed a credit card bill from Mellon Bank. I did not pay the amount claimed by Mellon Bank. Mellon Bank charged off my account and reported this to the credit bureau. This charge off appeared on my credit report for 7 years. It was removed from my credit report I believe in 1998 or in 1999. Last week (the week of September 4, 2000) I received an updated credit report on myself.

    You cannot imagine how surprised I was to find the Mellon Bank charge off again appearing on my credit report. Of course, it did not appear in the name Mellon Bank as creditor. Rather, it appeared in the name CITIFINANCIAL. It most definitely was the same old stale Mellon Bank account that had been on my credit report for 7 years. The credit report I received indicated that the account was a CITIFINANCIAL account and that CITIFINANCIAL charged this off in late 1999. The credit report states that this CITIFINANCIAL entry will remain on my credit report for 7 years until 2006. Of course, it had already been on my credit report for 7 years!!!!!

    I contacted the credit bureau to ask them to delete the CITIFINANCIAL entry. I have not heard yet from them in response to my letter. I contacted CITIFINANCIAL and they agreed with me that the entry should not have been reported and that it should not have appeared on my credit report. CITIFINANCIAL faxed me a copy of a form it sent to the credit bureaus instructing them to delete the entry(ies). I asked CITIFINANCIAL to pay me money damages but it has not done so.

    People may be interested in contacting me by e-mail. My lawyers filed a class action for me today (September 11, 2000) against CITIFINANCIAL on behalf of all persons in the United States who would fit the description of a class member if the court certifies the action as a class action.

    The case is MARK B. ARONSON individually and upon behalf of all others similarly situated v. CITIFINANCIAL docketed at Civil Action Number GD00-15440 in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. This court is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

    The definition of the proposed class of plaintiffs is as follows:

    "42. The proposed class of Plaintiffs is a national class of
    Plaintiffs consisting of all consumers about whom Defendant
    reported to credit reporting agencies in Defendant's own name, false, misleading, inaccurate and erroneous account history information at a point in time more than seven years after each original account had been placed for collection or charged to profit or loss."
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    Hi Mark,

    Hope you kick these sleazeballs asses like you did NCO's in April; speaking of are you at liberty to divulge what type of settlement you received from them and TransUnion?

    Hopefully, Equifax will pay a HEAVY PRICE for the crooked manner in which they accept without question these MASS fraudulent re-aging updates.

    For only if a CRA is nailed hard enough will they think twice before dealing with a Citifinancial or the 100 other creeps who will replace them when they're put out of business.
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    Hi Steve:

    I have never sued TransUnion or any other credit reporting agency. You must have misunderstood. I sued NCO. NCO paid me. A settlement implies a figure that the party issuing the check agrees to pay, as you know. I was awarded a specific sum. I was paid.

    The suit filed yesterday against CITIFINANCIAL again is a lawsuit against a collection agency, not a credit bureau.

    Nice hearing from you, Steve!!

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