Is Junum or Lexington better?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MikeB, Nov 25, 2000.

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    Is Junum or Lexington better at repairing bad credit? I am sure that letters from a lawfirm are more influential, but they are on the expensive side. I am in the process of trying to purchase a home, and I want to improve my credit scores. I have one $280 chargeoff from a utility bill and one $900 chargeoff from over 2 years ago. Since then, I have some late pays only.
    I appreciate the help. Thanks

  2. Donna

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    RE: Is Junum or Lexington bett

    If you're contemplating hiring Lexington, I would think twide. Email response time from them is extremely slow and you'll seldom be in touch with the same case analyst.

    Additionally, when disputing your credit, Lexington doesn't send letters on their stationery. What they do is have you sign over power of attorney and write letters on your behalf. In other words, your signature is at the bottom of the dispute letters they send out for you.

    Any responses, either directly from the credit bureaus or from the creditors, come straight to your mailbox and the correspondence is addressed to you.

    Your responsibility, during the time Lexington is attempting to repair your credit, is to forward anything that's credit-related to their office. Communications can either be faxed or snail-mailed.

    Lexington is into high-volume and they have tons of documents to process. Faxes I sent to them were frequently lost.

    Lexington's efforts on my behalf were unsuccessful. During the six months they had my case, I didn't receive a single shread of correspondence from the three credit bureaus. Not one item on my credit reports was deleted.

    Perhaps Lexington has been able to help others but I didn't have good results. Perhaps others here have had experiences that were more positive. Whenever a decision is about to be made, it's always good to hear both sides.

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    RE: Is Junum or Lexington bett

    Did you get you're money back?
  4. Donna

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    RE: Is Junum or Lexington bett

    If memory serves correctly, I didn't stay with Lexington long enough to qualify for a full refund. (I believe you have to stay with them a year before you're elegible.)

    However, to Lexington's credit, they didn't charge me for the last three months of service. That means I started with them in late February and my service ended in September. During that time, no results were forthcoming. I didn't receive any correspondence from the credit bureaus and there were no deletions or changes on my reports.

    I hope this helps.
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    RE: Is Junum or Lexington bett

    I have been with Lexington for over 4 months now, and I have had a pretty good experience so far.
    They have succeeded in removing 3 collections from my report so far. Also, I have not ever had a problem with them returning my emails. Granted, it usually is a different person that answers my questions, but someone ALWAYS emails me back within 24 hours.
    I have asked this question myself, and Kristi from Carreon answered my dilema. She said that both of these firms are good, and sometimes a law firm will know certain tricks that Junum wouldn't.
    Hope this helps
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    Thanks for the info...

    Well 1 good, 1 bad. Thanks for your statements.

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    RE: Is Junum or Lexington bett

    Again, I work with Lexington and I believe that I've replied to Doris' posts in the past (have I Doris?)

    Without divulging the details of Doris' case, I feel safe in saying that she was a client from the old days - before the tripling of the Lexington client relations staff. Is that fair to say, Doris?

    While it was never OK to provide anything less than a stellar client experience, Doris should know that the responsiveness issues have been completely resolved.

    I invite Doris to come back to Lexington for another three months (on us) to see what has changed and then report back to the board. Will you take me up on it Doris?

    Also, it's worth mentioning to note that Lexington greatly discourages faxing in credit reports because it is notoriously unreliable. They can never get the clients to fax both sides of two-sided reports in a legible way. Thus, the faxes were more likely discarded than lost because they couldn't be identified.

    The unfortunate but effective solution has been for Lexington to insist that all credit reports be mailed or emailed.
  8. Mike

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    RE: Is Junum or Lexington bett

  9. Doris K.

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    RE: Is Junum or Lexington bett

    Actually, I've never been a client of Lexington. I personally know two people who are Lexington clients. One of them thinks Lexington Law Firm is so great, that those of you who work there must have hung the moon. The other complains only of a lack of communication, but she's gotten even better results from you than she ever expected.

    I must admit that I have had some doubts about Lexington because of the communication thing, but if you have it solved, then MORE POWER TO YA! Still, it's not just me who's shown mixed feelings about Lexington. The other posts here have been either hit or miss. Some have called Lexington the greatest while others have been less pleased.

    If you've indeed taken care of the communication problems, you will probably see the more negative comments disappear. I wish you the best of luck in getting the ball rolling, Jason. If nothing else, your heart sure seems to be in the right place.
  10. Kirk

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    RE: Is Junum or Lexington bett


    I'm a Lexington client also and EXTREMELY please with the results so far (~27 deletions!!). However, I was wondering on your BK, did you ask them to contest it or did they do it on their own? I have a BK showing on all three reports from 1992 but they have never contested it. Thanks.

  11. Barry

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    RE: Thanks for the info...

    Mike, I have been with Lexington since June of this year and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that some magic can be done to my credit reports. Since then a couple of items deleted (minor issues) and waiting to see some results from the BK items. Thats all I had on my report that were negative were things from the BK. Time shall tell if I get what appears to be the same results that other post here. I'm sitting on the fence. Truth be known, maybe in reality what is being done is all that can be done. I just see people post that a BK which is a couple of years old and associated items had been deleted, I waiting for my turn to post such a message for all to read. I have several co-workers watching my status to see if they need to spend the money to work on their credit reports. Time shall tell, so I'm hoping to get off this fence on one side or the other (I'm hoping the side of Lexington). I intend to give them the year they request....and I'll let everyone know what the final out come is (was).

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