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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by dave, Nov 14, 2000.

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    Just a question:

    Suppose you have an account opened 11/99. If a lender, say, wants at least one trade with 12 mo. payment history, would they go by the date opened (so 12 mo. from 11/99 is 11/00) or do they go by when the creditor has PROVIDED 12 mo. of payment history (so they account may have been open 12 mo. in 11/00, but the creditor may have only reported/updated since 9/00, leaving 10 mo. of reported history)
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    I suggest a letter from the cr

    You might get a letter from the creditor stating actual dates- opened, etc. and that it is in good standing on the creditor's letterhead & fax it to a manager at the company to whom you are applying for credit.
    Regardless of what your credit report says, or what an entry level employee at the new bank tells you, if you meet the credit requirements (12 month open account) of the new lender, you can usually get a manager at the established creditor to write a letter, and a manager at the new creditor to read it.

    If you need help, e mail me with which companies for contact info.
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    RE: I suggest a letter from th

    Thank you, Pat!

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