Is there any hope for me???

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Oak, Jan 12, 2001.

  1. Oak

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    I have no credit and am trying to build some. I read on this board that the Capital One Secured card was easy to qualify for, so I applied for it. However, I was denied for "Lack of available credit information". What are my options? Does anybody know of a card (secured or unsecured) that I might qualify for?
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    RE: Is there any hope for me??

    I find that very hard to believe. Go apply in person at macy's. Bring your drivers license, a visa check card (from your checking account). Also make sure you phone is in your name.

    My gf had zip nada zer0 and got $99 for $500 with capital one.

    You may not have provided them with accurate information.
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    RE: Is there any hope for me??

    Go to,this bank will work with you.It is a secured card,and when you do get your credit established with them,your credit limit can be much as 300% of your deposit.

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